Serving central Texas sports car, race car and track car owners for over 15 years.

We use a Hunter Engineering alignment system,  Hunter tire mounting and balancing machines and Longacre scales. Hunter engineering tire mounting machines are the top tier in the industry and are required equipment for most high line dealerships. We are a local dealer for Hoosier Race tires and can supply most tire brands from multiple distributors in a few days time.

SoulSpeed Performance is also a 5 star Tire Rack Recommended Installer; go to, pick SoulSpeed as your installer and your order will be drop shipped to us.


We use Hunter Engineering equipment for our alignments and setup. SoulSpeed has specialized in suspension setup since we started in 2003 and have been proven to perform on and off the race track for years.

Chassis Setup

Every shop has an alignment system in this day and age but there are few and far between that specialize in chassis setup for race and track cars which includes not only wheel alignment but corner balancing, ride height, weight ballast, rake adjustment, and other adjustments to a vehicles chassis. We use Longacre scales for corner balancing and Hunter Engineering systems for all our vehicle setup.

Aftermarket Installations

SoulSpeed Performance has been installing aftermarket parts of all kinds for years. Suspensions, suspension components, exhaust systems, clutches, drive shafts, half shafts, motor mounts, radiators, race seats, race harness, roll bars, roll cages, etc. Give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can install!


SoulSpeed installs big brake kits, stainless steel brake lines, cooling ducts and we can also replace your daily drivers brake pads and rotors or service the brake fluid.


SoulSpeed Performance uses Hunter Engineering tire machines to mount and balance tires in an efficient amount of time without damaging wheels. We are a 5 star TIRERACK preferred installer and have access to multiple brands through multiple distributors. SoulSpeed Performance is also a Hoosier Tire dealer.

Track Preparation

SoulSpeed performance has been assisting racers since its beginning in 2003. We cater to race car and track car owners and have years of experience in racing whether racing with NASA, SCCA, Champcar, and WRL or providing support for Trans Am, PCA, and other local and national race teams. Our hands on experience on the track and off will help you complete your goals.


SoulSpeed Performance uses the experience gained on race cars and track cars to maintain road going sportscars at the same very high attention to detail. We can perform oil changes, brake jobs and service intervals on most vehicles.

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