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Service Policies


We work by appointment only from 9:30am-5pm Monday to Friday. Tire mounting and most alignments take about 1 hour to complete and you are welcome to wait for the work to be completed. We offer wireless internet access in the waiting area.

Appointment Policies

  • Appointments can be scheduled either by phone or email
  • Please keep in mind that we are a small specialty shop and have limited capacity and we can only infrequently accommodate urgent immediate work requests.
  • Contacting us well in advance of your preferred schedule date will let us better accommodate your request.
  • If you cannot make an appointment or will be more than 10 minutes late, please call us to notify us of the change.


We warranty all service work, except for alignments for 12 months from the service date. This covers defects in our workmanship only and not wear and tear or part failure.
All warranties will be at the owner’s discretion.

Warranty Policies
We will warranty a part sold by us through the original manufacturer and will cover the labor involved in replacement, this does not include re-manufactured or rebuilt parts.
All warranties will be at the owner’s discretion.

Alignments cannot be warranted due to the nature of alignments and the various factors that can change it including but not limited to track days, potholes, suspension component wear, tire wear, etc. If the wheel is not level, the customer must contact us within 48 hours by phone or email. We will then make an appointment to re-level the steering wheel.
All warranties will be at the owner’s discretion.

Customer’s Parts & Storage

We will return customer’s old parts upon request. Any parts left at the shop will be disposed of after 1 week.

Parts & Storage Policies
Any wheels or tires left at the shop is subject to storage fees. The customer must inform us of intent to have us store the wheels or tires and inform us of the estimated duration. As long as prior arrangement is made, the customer will not be charged a storage fee unless the items are not picked up on time.

  • If prior arrangement had been made, but the wheels and tires are not picked up on time, a storage fee starting the pickup date will be charged at a rate of $10 per day.
  • Unless prior arrangement has been made, wheels and tires left for more than 1 week will be subject to $10 per day storage fee starting the first week.
  • Unless prior arrangement has been made any parts, wheels or tires left for 30 days will become the property of SoulSpeed Inc. and will be disposed of.
Parts Purchased from SoulSpeed Performance

  • Full support is provided on parts purchased from SoulSpeed Performance.
  • SoulSpeed Performance has access to most performance and stock replacement parts for most vehicles.
  • If a part has to be replaced under warranty, SoulSpeed Performance will cover the labor cost to replace the part.
Parts Not Purchased from SoulSpeed Performance
Any warranty issues are to be resolved directly with the selling vendor and SoulSpeed Performance will not be involved. Any labor involved in diagnosing any issues with the part and/or replacement of defective parts will be charged at the normal labor rate to the customer.

Drop Shipment

We accept drop shipments from Tire Rack with the following procedures:

Tire Rack Drop Shipment Policies

  • You can place the order from The Tire Rack and pick us as the recommended installer and pick the drop ship option.
  • Any items drop shipped to us must be installed at SoulSpeed Performance. If it is not, a service charge of $25 per box applies.
  • We will contact you when the item(s) arrive to setup an appointment for installation.
  • The item(s) must be installed within 10 business days (schedule permitting) of us contacting you for installation.